Dreamy, the little sheep


The pet of my sister Pillow Featherbed is a little sheep, his height is 0.8 inches. His  name is “Dreamy”, and he is very friendly. His hair is white as snow and fluffy like the cotton flower, his face and legs are pink and he has bulging black eyes. Dreamy always uses an orange nightcap with a pink pompom. He loves to jump and he always follow my sister Pillow Fetherbed everywhere, like a baby sheep following his mother. So when my sister is not around, Dreamy bleats to call her and tries to find her. In truth, I can say that Pillow is his substitute mother because she has been taking care of Dreamy since he was born, she fed him with a milk bottle until he could eat by himself fresh herbs from the Lalaloopsy woods. She found him there, but this is a story I will tell you about in another post.


Drops of Rain Outside

creatures in a canoe 2We haven’t post anything during these days because it has been raining a lot in Lalaloopsy land. So much that even some creatures had to go around in their canoes instead of walking.

We the Mini Lalaloopsy people usually go outside right after the rain because we have to collect the drops of rain that remain on flowers and some plants after the rain. Those drops have special flavors and special qualities given by those flowers and plants. So my sister Pillow Featherbed and me, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, as well as all the Mini Lalaloopsy people, have been very busy looking for those drops and collecting them in a diversity of iridescent crystal bottles perfectly kept in our communitarian flowery water hall.


About this blog again: “Who I am and why I’m here”

Even though I’m old enough to play with toys, in 2012 I saw some beautiful little dolls at a store and I couldn’t help not to buy them. First, I bought a little doll named Crumbs Sugar Cookie but because it was difficult to decide which of them to buy, the next month I thought “why not buying another one?” So I went to the store and buy Pillow Featherbed.

I kept the little dolls inside their boxes in the closet for some months and forget about them, but one day I thought that they were so cute that I should show the little dolls to my friends, so one day I took them from home to put them at my office desk and left them there for some days. Another day, I took my camera to the office with the idea to take photographs after job of what I see on the streets, though suddenly when I saw the little dolls at my desk, I felt I wanted to take a photo of them. After that photo, I thought about doing this blog, so I could use the little dolls if not playing as a child, at least in something else. In this way, I would practice my writing skills (I’m a Spanish language native speaker), as well as using my imagination to create the adventures of the the two little dolls.IMG_3621

As I stated in my first post, back in 2012, this blog is going to narrate a tale about the Mini Lalaloopsy twin sisters, named Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Pillow Featherbed, by photographing the two little dolls around the (real) world. The narration will be in first person, in the voice of Crumbs Sugar Cookie, the doll with the pink hair.

The main idea is to have fun by doing this blog and spread some fun to readers who are willing to read a fantasy story.

marianne gv, April 21, 2014